• Community Outreach - This committee works to market PHP to Perry County residents, including officials and will conduct, schedule and or promote housing education programs and seminars for potential participating consumers.  This committee works to form coalitions among other housing agencies and service providers in Perry County and works to educate the public regarding socio-economic surrounding the need for housing in the county and advocate for the consumers we are serving
  • Board Development - This committee works to ensure that all directors are properly oriented, active and informed regarding their duties as directors.  The committee works to retain and recruit a full compliment of directors, ensuring compliance with our by-laws.  It is also responsible for the nominating subcommittee and will schedule the annual meeting and election of officers.  The committee will arrange for periodic training on an as needed basis
  • Finance Committee - This committee is responsible for fiduciary compliance with all state and federal regulations.  It will establish and maintain all financial accounts; meeting all requirements for the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations and ensure compliance with IRS regulations for non-profit organizations.  The committee arranges for an annual independent audit and reports results to the board.  The committee is also responsible for payroll and relative reporting requirements
  •  Fund Raising Committee - This committee is responsible for fundraising activities.  The focus is on promoting awareness of the needs of consumers and how potential contributors can assist PHP in accomplishing its goals
  • Personnel Committee - This committee oversees all staff positions, ensuring that all staff clearly understands their roles and responsibilities according to board policy.  It has developed job descriptions and is responsible for completing an annual employee review; providing feedback for improving the performance of all staff personnel.  This committee also addresses problems and determines corrective action for all staff
  • Project Committee - This committee reviews proposed projects and makes recommendations to the board regarding the proposal.  It is responsible for for reviewing potential applicants and makes recommendations to the board accordingly.  This committee also works with the executive director to plan and organize groundbreaking and grand opening ceremonies

Perry Housing Partnership Committees

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